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Nikkor 14-24 f/2.8 AF-S ED-N

This is the ultra-wide 14-24mm zoom lens. I got this to replace both the Nikkor 20mm and Nikkor 24mm primes. Once I got the 20mm prime, I wasn't using the 24mm so much, so it just sat in my bag for a lot of the time. Thus I had considered selling it for some time. Lately when using the 20mm, I'd wish I could get even wider. I put together money I had obtained from my stock photography along with what I could get from selling the 24 and 20mm primes, and that's what spurred me to get this one.

From what I've seen on my D300 so far, the results are incredible and beat out the quality of both the 20mm and 24mm primes quite handily. It took quite a while, but nowadays, zoom lenses are capable of matching or beating image quality from primes.

This lens is quite a bit heavier (over 2 pounds) than any of the wide angle primes I mention above, and cannot accept filters. That big bulbous front element can be a bit worrisome as a result. One may also scoff at the narrow zoom range, but every millimeter of focal length is more significant for field of view at such small focal lengths. You won't see the Nikon marketing team touting the fact that this is a 1.7x zoom lens. Also, I'm not overly crazy about the fact that this is a G lens and lacks the aperture ring.

Looking at the images produced from this lens makes me conveniently forget about any of those minor negative issues, and the Nikon marketing team has little to worry about.