My Camera Equipment - therion256
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My old workhorse, the Kodak DC 260, which I got back in December of 1998 (Merry Christmas to me!) for the princely sum of $1000 at CompUSA in Nashua, New Hampshire. This was my very first experience with digital cameras, before they became the all the current rage.

At the time, this camera had one of the highest resolutions (1536x1024 when most offered only 640x480 VGA) and one of the first to offer USB support. It is a fully automatic camera, thus it offers little control (no focus and no aperture control.) This camera is rather SLOW by today's standards. Besides a 1-second shutter lag, it took as long as a Windows boot-up when first turned on. Thus it was a bad camera for action shots at the airshow.

The initial set of rechargeable NiCad batteries weren't of very high capacity, as I found out whenever I would use the LCD viewer to see the results of my shots. Digital cameras were not in the mainstream yet. So all my relatives would crowd around the camera to look at all the pictures I took, marvelling at this new toy, then *POP*, the screen would shut off, the zoom would retract, and the battery would show empty, and I'd have to send everyone away...

A later set of NiMh batteries proved to be a fix to this problem.

There was the ability to control shutter speed and exposure value, and a scripting language allowed one to perform such functions as exposure bracket. These programs were uploaded from the computer to the camera through the included software (or WinXP which can recognize this camera without additional software.) There was no aperture control, and no real manual focus. A Wide/Tele rocker switch and a built-in flash rounded out the feature set. This was a consumer point-and-shoot camera all the way. I still do use this camera once in a while, such as for taking pictures of my latest camera equipment. The picture size comes out to a convenient "web page"/eBay ad size, instead of downsizing the really high-rez pictures from my Nikon.

I really can't say that I "did photography" with this camera, rather that I merely "took pictures."

I have some pictures taken using this camera in a few of my galleries, namely the "Maritime DC260 Edition" and "REALLY OLD Stuff" galleries.